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no PWM / 182,5 m³/h / 31,5 dB(A) / Industrial

The industrialPPC models are higher speed fans for Datacenter/Computer room usage. The fans make more noise and are designed for more airflow, more static pressure and lower power usage. We really like these industrial fans for our servers in the datacenter. The fans are also IP52 so you can spill your coffee over the fan. The NF-A14 2000 has a nice airflow (182,5 m³/h) and this one is 3-pin so no PWM.

If you want a really good fan with a high quality this is the fan to choose. How much does it cost if a(cheaper) fan dies during the lifespan of the server? Or if your disks die because they overheat because of chasis fan problems?

Most server cases are provided with standard fans. You now have the option to proactive replace your case fans with these. Also if  you are replacing the fans with silent fans, these fans you need.

Please note that this fan has 3-pins and has no PWM. So it is off course perfect in a datacenter and you want the fan to run continously on 100%.


The highlights are:

Size 140x140x25 mm
Mounting hole  space 124,5x124,5 mm
Connector & pin configuration 3-pin no PWM
Noise 31,5 dB(A)
Airflow 182,5 m³/h
Operating voltage 12 V





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Fan Specifications
Size 140x140x25 mm
Mounting hole spacing 124,5x124,5 mm
Connector & pin-configuration 3-pin no PWM
Cable length 40cm
Bearing SSO-Bearing
Blade geometry A-Series with Flow Acceleration Channels
Frame technology AAO
Material Fibre-glass reinforced polyamide
Ingress protection IP52
Motor type Three-phase
Rotational speed (+/- 10%) 2000 RPM
Airflow 182,5 m³/h
Acoustical noise 31,5 dB(A)
Static pressure 4,18 mm H₂O
Max. input power 2,16 W
Max. input current 0,18 A
Operating voltage 12 V
MTTF > 150.000 h
Scope of delivery

    4 Fan Screws
Warranty 6 years
Part number Noctua NF-A14 Industrial PPC-2000