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SATA to SFF-8087 50cm

4x Standard SATA to SFF-8087 also called a reversed breakout cable, this cable can be used in a situation like:

- from a motherboard SATA connection(4x) to a server backplane with SFF-8087

This cable is perfect to make use of the 8 or 10 SATA connections you have on our motherboards. The cable is reversed breakout, so a normal SATA to SFF-8087 will not work. All the server cases with a backplane with SFF-8087 can use this cable. You will save a Broadcom/LSI 8 ports controller if you want.

This cable is the thin version (30AWG) there is also the thick (more common and flat) version (26AWG). We prefer the thin cable for better airflow and it is easier to install. There is no difference in quality despite the thinner copper core of the cable. 0,05 mm2 vs 0,14 mm2.


The highlights are:

Type cable SATA
Lenght 70 cm
Color  Blue
Connection 1 4x 7 pole SATA
Connection 2 SFF-8087
Thickness Thin
Clip No
Sideband cable No
Type Reversed breakout





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The specifications are:
Type cable SATA
Lenght 55 cm
Color connection 1 Black
Color connection 2 Black
Color wire Blue
Connection 1 4x 7 pole SATA 
Connection 2  SFF-0087
Type Reversed breakout
Connection 1 form factor Male
Connection 2 form factor Male
Connection 1 type Straight
Connection 2 type Straight
American Wire Gauge 30 AWG (0,05 mm2)
Speed 6 Gb/s
Clip No
Sideband cable No
Manufacturer Supermicro
Product number CBL-0116L
Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH
Compliance T10 and SFF