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SATA to SFF-8087 70cm

4x Standard SATA to SFF-8087 also called a reversed breakout cable, this cable can be used in a situation like:

- from a motherboard SATA connection(4x) to a server backplane with SFF-8087

This cable is perfect to make use of the 8 or 10 SATA connections you have on our motherboards. The cable is reversed breakout, so a normal SATA to SFF-8087 will not work. All the server cases with a backplane with SFF-8087 can use this cable. You will save a Broadcom/LSI 8 ports controller if you want.

This cable also includes a sideband cable for SGPIO, but only if your backplane and controller supports SGPIO.

This cable is the thick version (30AWG).

The highlights are:

Type cable SATA
Lenght 70 cm
Color  Blue
Connection 1 4x 7 pole SATA
Connection 2 SFF-8087
Thickness Thin
Clip No
Sideband cable Yes
Type Reversed breakout





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The specifications are:
Type cable SATA
Lenght 70 cm
Color connection 1 Black
Color connection 2 Black
Color wire Blue
Connection 1 4x 7 pole SATA 
Connection 2  SFF-0087
Type Reversed breakout
Connection 1 form factor Male
Connection 2 form factor Male
Connection 1 type Straight
Connection 2 type Straight
American Wire Gauge 26 AWG (0,128 mm2)
Speed 6 Gb/s
Clip No
Sideband cable Yes
Manufacturer Supermicro
Product number CBL-0294L-01
Environmental Compliance RoHS and REACH
Compliance T10 and SFF